Common Questions About Traffic Tickets

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If you have a driver’s license, you may have been on the receiving end of one or more traffic tickets at some point. However, some traffic tickets have more serious consequences than others. If you recently received a ticket that carries a hefty fine or major penalty, you may have questions about how to proceed.

Common Questions About Traffic Tickets

Does signing a traffic ticket admit guilt?

No. When you sign a traffic ticket, this does not mean you are admitting you are guilty of committing the traffic violation. By signing the ticket, you simply agree to either pay the ticket or appear in court to dispute it.

Do you have to go to court if you get a traffic ticket?

Not all traffic tickets come with the requirement to appear in court. For example, unless you plan on fighting a ticket for a moving violation, you do not need to go to court. But a court appearance may be required if your ticket involves reckless driving, a traffic accident, or criminal speeding, for example.

Is traffic school an option to reduce the consequences of a traffic ticket?

If this is your first traffic ticket within a certain timeframe, you may be eligible to go to traffic school. By attending traffic school, you may be able to reduce the cost of your auto insurance, and depending on the violation, prevent points being added to your driving record.

Should you hire an attorney to fight a traffic ticket?

It may be a good idea to hire an attorney if you want to dispute your traffic ticket or if you receive a ticket because of a criminal violation, such as operating a vehicle on a suspended license. To discuss your traffic ticket or to find out more about what the process moving forward looks like, contact our law firm today.